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Target Shooting

  • One of the newest concept designed by Sharjah Paintball Park is the Target shooting Range.
  • First in class experience of Target Shooting with the replica of the real Gun.
  • The replica guns are used in Military Training purposes with 6mm pellets.
  • We also boast with Paintball Target Shooting.
  • The Range has a friendly & relaxed atmosphere with safety as one of the paramount pre-requisites.
  • The Price are mentioned below:-

1 Paintball Shooting 20 Shots 35 DHS
2 Paintball Shooting 180 Shots 105 DHs
3 Airsoft Shooting (Rifle/ Pistol) 20 Shots 35 DHS
4 Airsoft Shooting Rifle 300 Shots 105 DHS
5 Paintball & Airsoft Shooting (Combo Package) 20+20 Shots 60 DHS
6 Sniper 15 Shots 55 DHS


Rules & Regulations

  • Always keep the gun barrel pointed towards the target only
  • Shooters must wear an eye protector before Shooting
  • No Blind firing, always focus on the target
  • Safety instructor will load the gun and will hand over to the shooter
  • Do not look inside the barrel or gun muzzle
  • Shooter is not allowed to take any paintballs, BB Bullets or other related items outside the range
  • Handle the equipment with care, do not throw or drop the equipment
  • Only Shooter will be allowed inside the range
  • Safety instructor has the right to dismiss the shooter who does not comply with the above safety rules
  • Only authorized instructors are allowed to give shooting instructions