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  1. Enter The Dragons!!

    Both Abdul Aziz & Essa were supposed to join our electronic division with their big brothers for their maiden paintball tournament but unfortunately it did not materialized. It did not stop them from setting up a mechanical division team instead.

    Another hurdle they encountered in the preliminary round was when 2 of their team mates did not turn up and they battled it out with only 3 players. Miraculously they managed to secure the top spot for the Quarter Final round.

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  2. Paintball Academy

    Trained under team Raskal Malaysia (one of the top professional team in the Asia Pacific region) Training methodology. - To teach team Raskal Malaysia philosophy that comprises of discipline, respect, courage, Determination, persistent and resilient. - To be trained by a decorated and distinguished paintball player/coach (with more than 16 years Experience under his belt)

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  3. Sharjah Paintball Challenge 2017

    After our successful Ramadan Paintball Tournament, we are looking forward to another 5 man tournament in September 2017.

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  4. Airsoft Pistol Shootout Competition 2017

    After a grueling preliminary rounds throughout months of May & June, we give you the top airsoft pistol shooters in UAE

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  5. Ramadan Paintball Tournament 2017

    After an amazing preliminaries on 16th June 2017, our top 8 battle it out on 23rd June 2017 to determine the best of the best.

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