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  1. Paintball Academy

    Trained under team Raskal Malaysia (one of the top professional team in the Asia Pacific region) Training methodology. - To teach team Raskal Malaysia philosophy that comprises of discipline, respect, courage, Determination, persistent and resilient. - To be trained by a decorated and distinguished paintball player/coach (with more than 16 years Experience under his belt)

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  2. Sharjah Paintball Challenge 2017

    After our successful Ramadan Paintball Tournament, we are looking forward to another 5 man tournament in September 2017.

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  3. Airsoft Pistol Shootout Competition 2017

    After a grueling preliminary rounds throughout months of May & June, we give you the top airsoft pistol shooters in UAE

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  4. Ramadan Paintball Tournament 2017

    After an amazing preliminaries on 16th June 2017, our top 8 battle it out on 23rd June 2017 to determine the best of the best.

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